Ball games for the whole family.

Playing fields

Ball Game is synonymous with community, competition, playing, fresh air and activity.

Local cup or competitions

Beachvolley court

Near the playground there is a nice beachvolley field with sand and proper markings. Thanks to the fine sand the field is also suitable for more experienced players who might want to arrange small local cups.

If you want to use the field for a local cup or other acitivites occupying the field for quite a long time, all you have to do is to make an arrangement with our reception.

If you are at a slightly more subdued pace, the Beach Volley course is great for a game of petanque.

The activity room

If the weather is not for outdoor activities, the time can be spent in the Activity Room, where table tennis, table football, darts and chess can be played, or in the Grill for a game of Pool.

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