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Krik Vig Camping

Krik Vig Camping is situated in Thy, between forest and water. The beautiful landscape and the short walking distance to Vesterhavet (the North Sea) offers you a wide range of opportunities for adventure and fantastic experiences.

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Camping by Vesterhavet (the North Sea)

A Unique Location, In The Scenic Thy.

Krik Vig Camping is a cozy 3-star family site, located between forest and water. A unique location, in the scenic Thy.

Part of Limfjorden

Half-way round the site, to the east, the campsite is bounded by Kastet Å (Kastet River) where you can rent one of our berths for your boat. From here, it is only about 250 m to Krik Vig (the Inlet of Krik) which is part of Limfjorden (the Liim Fiord) and a favourite spot for windsurfers.

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Many space options

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Whether you want a place to "hide" between the big trees in the wood, a sunny spot with good shelter against the wind or a beaty spot by the riverside, we trust that we can find you the perfect site.